43 Percent Will Remember Whitney Houston as a Pop Sensation

56% of you are planning to watch the Grammy’s this evening. And it is with a heavy-heart that the music industry bids adieu to a music sensation that transcended pop, stunned moguls like Clive Davis and Quincy Jones, inspired 80s anthems, and introduced soul into the hearts of white girls who didn’t have rhythm. Whitney Houston’s death comes too soon after Ms. Etta James’ departure–both women had the capacity to pick a love song out of the annals of schmaltz and turn it into something weighty and splendid.

As is often the case when legends pass before their time, even the most gifted of artists’ memories can be tarnished by their vices. 14% of our on-demand audience responded that they will remember Houston’s drug abuse problems over her reign on the billboard charts. Only 12% identified her as a good role model.

But tonight is all about tribute, and 75% believe that the Grammy’s should pay homage to the singer. Your favorite song of all? Not surprisingly “I Will Always Love you” was voted top by 52% of our audience.

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