More Women Use Geolocation Apps to Connect with Friends Than Men

Do you want to be elected Mayor or crowned King? Why do you use geolocation apps? Is it to network with business colleagues? Review restaurants? Get bargains? Or simply for fun?

Friends are important. Whether you want to let all your friends know that you’ve arrived at Molly Malones bar, or make them jealous that you’re lounging out at the Wynn in Vegas, checking in to alert your buddies was the number one reason overall that you are using geolocation apps.

However, when we break it down by gender, turns out that a lot more women care about showing off their whereabouts to friends than men.

The top three reasons men use geolocation apps:

1. Convenience (36%)
2. Fun (21%)
3. Deals (14%)

The top three reasons women use geolocation apps:

1. Friends (41%)
2. Fun (23%)
3. Convenience (18%)

The most popular apps/sites you’ve used to check in at a location are as follows (weighted by popularity):

The main reasons you don’t use geolocation? Stay tuned for our next post…

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