Social Media Wars: 15% would use Google+ if Facebook Didn’t Exist

Sometimes the social media world feels like high school. Facebook used to be the it-girl. Then Google+ came to town, and became the latest hot thing around. User adoption rates soared and the search-engine behemoth established itself as a key player in the social media game. Facebook, not wanting to be one-upped by their Mountain View cousins, pulled their best Lindsay Lohan card, and tried to make a comeback with Timeline for people and brands. Somewhere in the mix of it all, social media darling, Pinterest became the buzzword on the tip of every media experts tongue–and the latest convert to the iPad. And while we were worshiping at the gates of shiny new things, promoted tweets interrupted our train of thought, and the age-old question of whether Twitter is sexier than facebook became the topic of conversation.

Not one to miss out on this gossip, SurveyBuilder decided to dig into the rumors that read like a bad dating book: Google+, we’re just not that into you. So we polled over 200 members of our on-demand audience to find out their true feelings for Google+.

Here’s what we discovered:

The “Yes” Men (and Women)

  • 60% of respondents overall have a Google+ account.

What happens when we break it down by gender?

  • 43% of men have a Google+ account vs. 36% of women.

What about age?

  • 25-34 year olds are most active on Google+ (61%), followed closely by the 18-24 year olds (59%), and the 35-44 year olds (50%). 16% of 55+ are engaged on the social network.

The “No” guys and gals

  • What are the reasons the other 40% aren’t engaged?

In the artistic words of Forbes’ @emorphy, “comScore dropped a lollapalooza on Google last week with its finding that as of January 2012 users were spending only 3.3 minutes on Google+ per month, on average.” So, Google+, what do you need to do to engage these folks?

  • 27% state the obvious: If they had more friends engaged on the platform
  • 15% say that Google+ would be their number one if Mark Zuckerberg hadn’t invented Facebook.
  • 13% would be chatting in circles if they only had more time
  • 10% wish Google+ had more gaming elements
  • 7% would get involved in e-Retail if it were an option

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