Drops Price for Shorter Surveys: Makes Quality Research Available for More SMBs

At, we are always listening to our customers. After careful consideration, we decided to bring you more flexible pricing that benefits both our customers and active panelists. Now it is even more cost-effective to get instant feedback from your target customer segments.’s customers benefit by having the opportunity to leverage our audience for smaller survey projects without incurring substantial market research costs.

The adjusted baseline pricing starts at $1.50 per respondent, a 70% decrease from’s initial model. As before, the overall price is dependent on the population survey and the depth of the targeting which includes age, gender, ethnicity, income, employment status, relationship status and location.

# of Questions
Cost per Finish
1-3 questions $       1.50
4- 6 questions $       2.00
7-10 questions $       3.00
11-15 questions $       4.00
16-20 questions $       5.00
21 -30 questions $       6.00
31-36 questions $       8.00
37-44 questions $    10.00
45+ questions $    12.00

Final pricing can continue to change based on other targeting criteria placed on the audience.  The above numbers are simply base prices as a result of length of your survey.

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