Speedier Delivery: Domino’s Pairs Up With Google Wallet to Streamline Mobile Ordering

Domino's mobile app

Domino’s simplifies mobile ordering with Google Wallet integration.

There are few things more frustrating than going through a complicated payment process when making a purchase from your mobile device. Cumbersome check out processes can cause mobile users to quickly abandon your site and send them straight to your competition. To help combat some of this frustration, many businesses are exploring innovative ways to help streamline the checkout process for an ever-growing digital audience. Here’s how one popular pizza restaurant has simplified ordering from your smartphone, including some important takeaways for your business. Continue reading

4 Tips for Optimizing Surveys for Tablets

Mobile is absolutely where it’s at in terms of trends in the market research field. We’ve already talked extensively about how to optimize your surveys for mobile devices in general. But today we’re going to take a deeper dive into the tablet. Sales of tablets are up, with Android tablets leading the way at 49%, iPads at 46%, and the Microsoft Surface at 5% and rising. What does this mean for market researchers planning mobile surveys? Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

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Mobile Market Research is Helping Android Win the Phone Wars

For the past few years, Apple has dominated the mobile device market. The iPhone and iPad have been the most widely recognized and popular devices among users worldwide. But the tables appear to be turning. In the past couple of years, Android sales have begun to surge ahead. And this year, Android tablet sales are expected to eclipse iPad sales. So what has spurred this trend? Here’s how popular Android smartphone manufacturer Samsung Electronics is using market research to win the phone wars and what you can learn from their case study. Continue reading