San Francisco Soup Company: Leveraging iBeacon to Personalize Mobile Marketing Efforts

Bowl of soup

San Francisco Soup Company is getting started with iBeacon technology in order to connect with loyal customers.

One of the emerging trends in mobile is increased personalization. In a world where constantly-connected customers are exposed to countless marketing messages each time they open their smartphone browser or tap a mobile app, a one-size-fits-all approach to advertising is no longer effective. We’ve written about the importance of customizing your business’ mobile marketing efforts in the past. Forward-thinking businesses are using customers’ geographic data and previous purchasing behaviors to direct their campaigns and drive sales. Here’s how one restaurant is leveraging iBeacon technology to improve their marketing efforts and enhance customer loyalty, and some important takeaways for your business. Continue reading

Duane Reade: How One Retailer is using iBeacons to Connect with Their Mobile Customers

Duane Reade iBeacon testing

Walgreen’s subsidiary Duane Reade is using iBeacons to engage with mobile customers.

Imagine walking through the aisles of your local pharmacy and receiving targeted offers to your smartphone for items you purchase frequently. Chances are you’d probably keep coming back to that store to take advantage of the special offers, right? After all, what bargain shopper can resist a good deal? Especially when you’re getting a discount on an item you buy often! Here’s how one retailer is planning to use Apple’s new iBeacon technology to engage with customers in-store, and some important takeaways for your business. Continue reading

Increased Personalization, Real-Time Offers: iBeacons Could Be Game Changer for Brick and Mortar Businesses

iBeacon screen shot

iBeacon allows retailers to send in-store alerts to customers.

Mobile geolocation technology is advancing in leaps and bounds. Innovative businesses have been using geofencing to reach their target customers for some time now. But the launch of Apple’s iBeacon is expected to be a game changer for many brick and mortar stores. Just in case you haven’t heard of them, iBeacons are Bluetooth-enabled devices that have the ability to send notifications to nearby mobile devices. The technology is so sophisticated that smartphone users can receive signals whether they’re several feet or only a few inches away from the beacons. As expected, iBeacons are grabbing the attention of innovative retailers everywhere. Here are a few ways indoor geolocation can help  businesses connect with customers and drive sales. Continue reading

Mobile Ad Network Uses Market Research to Take Geo-Location Targeting to a Whole New Level

Chicago L train

Chicago commuters can expect to receive coupons to some of their favorite dining spots and retail shops on their daily commute.
Image source: Flickr user rene-germany

If you take public transit into work, chances are you probably stop for your morning coffee at a particular spot each day. Or maybe you like to treat yourself to a delicious muffin from a convenient bakery at the end of your route on Friday mornings. Imagine what a treat it would be to save a little money at these locations with a targeted coupon or percentage off discount sent directly to your mobile device. It would make that coffee or muffin taste just a little bit sweeter, I’m sure! Recently, one mobile advertising network has taken geo-location targeting to a whole new level by studying patterns of daily commuters in Chicago. Here’s what they’re up to and what you can learn from their case study. Continue reading