The Knight Rises: Introducing Video Dial!

by Daniel Ross, SVP, Product & Technology

We’re really excited to announce the release of video dial. Video dial will allow you to find out what people think of a video (every second of it); whether it be a trailer for the next big blockbuster movie, a TV series episode, commercial, infomercial, etc.  If it’s a video, it can be dialed!

How does it work? Your audience watches your commercial or video and rates it based on what they see and hear throughout the entire spot. We capture and measure their reaction in real-time and you get the results, instantly.

Take it for a spin by visiting:

Ready to be wowed by this cool new tool? Contact us at or 866-872-4006.

INFOGRAPHIC: New uSamp™ Datapoint Study Reveals Gender Gap over Social Media Privacy

Most women using social media are just as willing to reveal personal information about their relationships, jobs, brand preferences and political and religious affiliations as men — but when it comes to details like phone numbers, location, and email or physical address that might put their personal security at risk, women are significantly more wary than men.

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Childhood Obesity Ad Study: Educational or Insensitive?


We live in a world of numbers that tend to weigh heavily on our decisions to expand, to cutback, to reach out to new markets, to say goodbye to old, unprofitable streams. Every once in a while, though, it is the qualitative results that give us pause.

And this is particularly true for a survey that we put out to over 200 people to gauge their reaction to a controversial ad campaign launched a few weeks ago by the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. The “Strong4Life” campaign targets childhood obesity from a unique angle–from the eyes of the children themselves. The ads set off a stream of media coverage – including many negative and outraged views. Continue reading

72% Unfazed by Italian Cruise Ship Disaster

You are a travel agent. A catastrophe — like  a sunken cruise ship off the coast of Italy — occurs. The Wall Street Journal is issuing warnings to “steer clear” of cruise ship stocks. Will your customers want to get onboard your New Year’s travel specials? What can make them change their minds?

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How to Maximize Your Resources in 2012

by Dinaz Kachhi, Panel Development Manager, uSamp

Do you ever stand in the checkout line of a grocery store wondering if it would be better to zip through the self-checkout machines instead of bearing with clumsy shoppers and the checkout clerk? Do you think to yourself, “I could do this just as well, and faster, by myself, with the right tools”? The business of research is no different. Most small businesses have a basic understanding of survey research, but often lack the tools and fundamentals.

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How Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Holding Up?

It’s the second week of a new year. How’s your resolve to eat healthier, wake-up earlier, budget smarter, and work harder holding up? Last week, you may have felt pretty smug about getting up for that 6 a.m. yoga class, or deciding to watch Netflix instead of going to the movie theater. But this is the week that will truly test your willpower.

79% of SurveyBuilder’s on-demand audience said they made at least one resolution. What were the important ones? We asked them to rank resolutions like health & fitness, finance and career in terms of importance:

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Spam No More: SurveyBuilder limits 1 response per computer

by Daniel Ross, SVP of Product & Technology at uSamp

So there’s always one person that tries to game the system. Or in this case-the survey. You create a poll on fast food. Just so happens that it attracts the attention of a taco fanatic. He comes along and votes 100 times over that McDonald’s should serve tacos. And what are you left with? Inaccurate results because you were gamed by the fiesta spam man. But guess what? We don’t want to let that happen to you. So we’ve built a solution.

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Solving for X: An Intro to the Team

by Justin Wheeler, VP & GM at uSamp

So over the past few months, we’ve been sharing a product, a platform, a technology. We tweet from an icon, we deliver help from a Zen desk. But we wanted to show you that we are more than machines winking out an occasional emoticon. Step inside our office.

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Bonds Gets Bailed: 51% say he got off lightly

Major League Baseball’s home-run record holder and alleged-steroid user, Barry Bonds escaped his potential sentence for 30-day house arrest in Beverly Hills. SurveyBuilder wanted to find out how our audience felt about this sentence–and toward MLB’s drug-abuse policies in general. We polled 100+ people and here’s what we found out: Continue reading