Are Your Mobile Market Research Initiatives on Track? Reassessing Goals and Adjusting Plans


What mobile research techniques are you using?

QR codes can drive your mobile research this year.
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We’re midway through Q2 of 2014, and many companies are stopping to evaluate their progress. It’s a great time to look at your business and growth goals for the year, and make sure that you’re on track to execute them properly. One area that many companies should be paying attention to is the overlapping fields of mobile marketing and market research. The mobile channel is more critical than ever before. Whether you set out this year with the intention of gaining mobile penetration through apps development, or simply to understand your audience’s mobile habits, here’s how to take the temperature on your progress.

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Tracking the Feedback: Three Ways to Ensure Your Next Mobile Survey is a Success

Connect with your customers

Mobile surveys keep you in touch with customers.
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We’ve frequently discussed the importance of collecting feedback from your customers. Mobile surveys are a highly effective way to track what you’re doing well and where you can make improvements to enhance your business. If you regularly collect feedback from your customers in this way, you’ve probably noticed something. Sometimes even the simplest change to your survey template can have a dramatic impact on both your response rates and the quality of your responses. Various factors can influence the results you’ll receive, from your survey design and timing, to question wording and format. Here are a few ways to ensure your next mobile survey is a success. Continue reading

How Market Research Can Help You Avoid Critical Hiring Mistakes

Every manager and small business owner has faced the challenge of making a bad hire. From critical projects left uncompleted to employees unqualified for their positions, a bad hiring decision can cost businesses tens of thousands of dollars in productivity, lost opportunities, and management time. As a result, more businesses than ever are using research to better define what a strong employee looks like, and integrating it into the research process. Here’s a closer look at how market research can help you avoid critical hiring mistakes. Continue reading

What Hockey Teaches Us about Market Research

After the NHL lockout last year, hockey came back with a vengeance. As Boston and Chicago battled it out for the Stanley Cup, fans around the country were riveted. Yet before the NHL and players solved their differences, experts everywhere wondered aloud and in print whether the brand could make a comeback. Clearly it hasn’t withered on the vine. So what lessons can other companies struggling to make a comeback learn, and how can market research support that overall goal? Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Back-to-School

Are you an eCommerce site or brick and mortar retailer that’s working to figure out your next profitable period? Back-to-school might be a great choice. A recent survey from the National Retail Association highlights how the period from July to September is the second largest consumer spending period behind the Christmas season. Consumers will spend an estimated $83 billion dollars on everything from pencils and pens to cookware and sheets for college dorm rooms. Here’s how your store can capture a bigger part of the profit this year. Continue reading

Analyze This: Same Data, Better Looking

By Daniel Ross, SVP Product
Analyze This

We’ve re-designed the Analyze section from the ground up, so that you can quickly visualize and analyze data with crosstabs, charting and data download export options. In addition, we’ve made it easier to share or download your custom reports with the click of a button.

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Coloradans Don’t Want Their Gun Rights Threatened

Coloradans Are More Passionate About The Right To Bear Arms Than The General Population


Yesterday, we reported on the results from our gun control survey. After conducting that poll with respondents from across the country, we decided to ask the opinions of our audience members from Colorado. It turns out that Coloradans are actually more in favor of gun rights than the rest of the country – even after the movie theater shootings.

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In Wake of Movie Theater Shootings, Gun Control and Security Measures Still Unpopular

Gun Control

Source: Reuters

The Colorado movie theater massacre shocked and saddened the entire country last weekend. While our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the victims and their families, the shooting has reignited the debate over gun control. While many political analysts have voiced their opinions on how gun control should be handled,’s audience voiced their opinions on gun control and movie theater security.

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Lucky Jeans: Online Market Research for Customer Satisfaction

Lucky Jeans conducts online market research

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Let’s take a quick look at some statistics on the cost of acquiring a new customer:

  • It’s 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep an old one.
  • Loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase over the customer life cycle.
  • The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, while the comparable probability of selling to a new customer is 5-20%. Continue reading

No Photoshop Required: Adds Color to Surveys with New Image Feature


by Daniel Ross, SVP, Product & Technology

Image Questions

I’m excited to announce the release of image type questions in Gone are the days of 1.0 survey image capabilities. Check out’s innovative approach to survey questions with images. It’s truly elegant!

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