Help Desk Tip: How to Match Responses to Respondents With a Unique Survey Link

The SurveyBuilder geeks have watched in amazement as you’ve conquered question logic and fine-tuned multi-select matrices. You have become pros at building and promoting surveys, but now it’s time to help you get the most from your results. Many of you have been wondering how to trace responses back to the individuals who took the time to complete your survey. The easiest way is to ask respondents to identify themselves within the survey, but this may seem redundant if you already know who they are but want to know their responses. With SurveyBuilder, you don’t have to ask twice.

SurveyBuilder provides the added functionality of allowing you to append information to your survey link in order to capture that information for your reports. By making the survey link unique for each respondent, you can include any variable or piece of information you desire. Below is an example using email address.

To track responses to corresponding email addresses, simply include your respondent’s email address in the link you send to the respondent. Here’s a step-by-step instruction:

Step 1: Grab the survey link from the Promote tab
- Once on the Promote tab you will find the Survey Link in the Invite Your Own Respondents section

Step 2: Append the email variable to the link
- A typical survey link will appear as below

- To add a parameter to the link you simply need to append additional variables with an ampersand (&).

…& (NOTE: add the respondent’s email address after “=”)

- The final link will look like this….

You can include as many variables as you like in the link, and they will appear in your raw data export accessible from the Analyze tab. In the header columns before your first survey question, you will see the respondent’s email.

This will allow you to connect survey respondents to their email addresses. It can also be used to verify the number of times a user responded to the survey. If someone took your survey multiple times, you can identify the individual and remove him from your data set.

Email address is just one of the variables that you can add to the survey link. Should you wish to match the respondent’s name, gender or age to the response, you can repeat the process detailed above.

We strive to make the SurveyBuilder experience as simple as possible for you, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support staff by email, chat, or phone. Let us know if you have any questions you would like to see addressed in our blog!

Chat and Support tickets can be created by clicking the Support link to the left of every screen within the platform.

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