Now Boarding: How Alaskan and American Airlines Are Using Market Research to Simplify Air Travel for Customers

Airport terminal

Customer-centric airlines are constantly striving to improve their service.
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Many people do not enjoy going to the airport. The process tends to involve waking long before sunrise and experiencing inconvenient check-in systems that lead to lengthy security lines. Once you finally make it through security, you often have to wait around in your terminal until your plane is finally ready. By the time you’ve boarded, three hours have gone by, and you’re feeling exhausted. Long waits at the airport are one of the most common complaints among frequent fliers. But thanks to mobile technology advances from airlines, such as Alaskan Air and American airlines, things are changing. Here’s how some airlines are responding to customer concerns about long waits leveraging mobile technology, and how it will improve your travel experience. Continue reading

Have Mobile, Will Travel: How Location-Based Marketing Can Help Attract More Hotel Guests

European hotel

Location based marketing is a great tool for hotel owners interested in attracting new customers.
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It’s no secret that the travel industry is going mobile. More hotel chains and boutique properties are focusing their marketing efforts on reaching customers using smartphone and tablets. Whether you’ve recently opened a new hotel location or you’re simply interested in making connections with new customers, a targeted location-based mobile marketing effort can help you attract more customers. Here’s how you can use geo-location technology to effectively reach your audience, and here are some important takeaways for your business. Continue reading

Marriott Simplifies Holiday Travel With Mobile

A busy airport

Crowded airports can frustrate travelers trying to get home to their families over the holidays.
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Traveling during the holiday season can get hectic. The airports are crowded with people catching flights home to their families, the weather is not necessarily cooperative, and local hotels are nearly at capacity with guests. This year one of North America’s most popular hotel chains is taking some of the pain out of holiday travel. Here’s how the Marriott is using mobile to make traveling a little easier for its customers, and here are some of the important takeaways for your business. Continue reading

Taking Mobile on the Road: Changing the Way that We Travel

In a new study from the eTourism Lab at Bounemouth University, researchers are reporting that mobile technology and market research is changing the way that we’re hitting the road and seeing the world. The findings are fascinating; the premise is that mobile technologies and the way that specific groups are using them are having a dramatic impact on the tourism industry. Here’s what the experts are saying, and what lessons we can learn that apply to any industry. Continue reading

How a Travel Agent Used Market Research to Compete with Orbitz

Travel agents working to compete with the major OTAs like Orbitz and Expedia struggle on more than one front: not only are smaller firms competing for exposure and marketing, but access to competitive prices is a challenge.

According to the 2012 Portrait of the American Traveler, a major industry study that profiles the behaviors of travelers in depth, a number of travelers still prefer to work with travel agents. Those working with travel agents seek them out for their expertise and are willing to pay a premium for that experience. Continue reading

72% Unfazed by Italian Cruise Ship Disaster

You are a travel agent. A catastrophe — like  a sunken cruise ship off the coast of Italy — occurs. The Wall Street Journal is issuing warnings to “steer clear” of cruise ship stocks. Will your customers want to get onboard your New Year’s travel specials? What can make them change their minds?

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