Instantly™ Expands Consumer Insights Platform With Instantly Product Watch™

Instantly Product Watch Alerts Companies About Breakthrough CPG Products in Real Time

Los Angeles, CA, February 10, 2015 – Detecting competitive products in the Consumer Package Goods (CPG) market got easier today. Instantly™, the world’s largest provider of on-demand audiences and insights tools, launched Instantly Product Watch™, a live crowd-sourced insights engine that alerts brands about newly launched products and tracks their performance across key metrics nationwide. A first of its kind real-time data feed, Instantly Product Watch gives companies advance warning about new category competitors and helps them evaluate their own market impact upon launching new products.

“Instantly Product Watch provides an unprecedented level of insights for brand specialists who need to know how their products and competitors’ products are performing in the real world as soon as they hit shelves,” said CEO Alan Gould. “We are now in a world where successful brand managers are acting more like campaign managers—having to detect and react to changes in consumer preference before it is too late. For the first time, marketers will know exactly what consumers are seeing in the store aisle, at the exact time they are seeing it.”

Instantly collects this data directly from its mobile audience of thousands of shoppers in grocery stores every day, reporting on newly introduced items. With Instantly Product Watch, companies have the ability to subscribe to one or several data sets by category and can follow product sightings over time and across any region. By adding Instantly Product Watch to its portfolio, Instantly is one step closer to building the world’s first comprehensive insights platform for marketers to access data and feedback at any stage of the product lifecycle, from research to development to consumption.

“As part of our recent rebrand, we’re boosting our resolve to fix the biggest problems marketers face by providing them answers to questions before they’ve asked them,” said Justin Wheeler, VP of product innovation. “Our real-time approach will help solve a significant blind spot of marketing where marketers typically wait weeks or months to see sales data come back from store registers to assess product performance. By leveraging tens of thousands of shoppers each day, we are giving brands more time to make the right shifts in strategy to stay on top.”

In addition to product images, pricing data and store location information, Instantly Product Watch collects real-time feedback from shoppers to build purchase intent and success prediction metrics.

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Instantly™ is the world’s largest audiences and insights platform, providing researchers and marketers with immediate access to consumers and automated insights tools to make faster, better decisions. Instantly is based in Los Angeles, with offices in the United States, Europe and Asia.

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